How can you protect yourself against the novel Coronavirus: WHO’s insider tips

The world is at chaos, with the emergence of the deadly Coronavirus in a small city of China and now has engulfed over 6,500 lives across the globe. This all caused due to the mismanagement of the Chinese government and illegal breeding of wild animals. The deadly virus is believed to came into existence because of virus mixing within different animals.


How did the Coronavirus come into existence?

Experts say that the some of the viruses has originated mainly from animals. For example, Influenza and other flue causing viruses has been said to be emerged from birds and pigs, HIV originated from chimpanzees, the deadly Ebola virus has originated from bats. Similarly, there is some evidence proving that the novel Coronavirus jumped between a bat to a pangolin before affecting a human. But a virus cannot survive without a host and that’s where the Whuhan market comes in the picture.

The Wuhan market is a place that keeps all kinds of animals stacked on top on one another for being slaughtered and sold thereafter. It is believed that is the cause of the emergence of the deadly Corona Virus. According to experts, the viruses must have jumped from on animal to another and mutated themselves somehow. Additionally, it was easy for the viruses to jump from one host to anther as the animals were stacked on top of one another and soaked in all kinds of liquids before, during or after being slaughtered. Scientists believe that the viruses must have transmitted through those liquids, animal dropping, pus, blood or other such mediums from above on other animals. Furthermore, such infected animals were consumed by humans also making them sick from the virus, and as the viruses were capable of spreading through coughing and sneezing, it quickly spread throughout China and other adjoining countries.

How does the COVID-19 spread?

The corona virus is known to spread mainly through tiny droplets through the nose or mouth of a person while coughing or sneezing. The virus spread generally when an effected person coughs or sneezes which make the viruses to come out and stick to the surrounding surfaces. Other people then catch COVID 19 when they touch these surfaces and then their nose, eyes or mouth.

How to prevent Coronavirus from spreading?

Till the time there is no medicine, all we can do is take maximum measures to prevent these diseases. Some of the ways you could protect yourself from getting infected are as follows;