What is SEO and why is it important?

By now, you might have a fair idea of what SEO means and how it is an important tool in digital marketing. Although you have the basic understanding, SEO is a far complex picture.

The different elements help you understand different aspects of SEO and how it is important for your business. SEO basically boosts your website so that it reaches more people and attract traffic, leading to increase in chances of converting potential buyers into customers. This is how top Indian blogs operate.

Moreover, when you have a new website and are struggling for brand awareness and building a relationship with potential customers, SEO is the one tool you would need. Let's take you through the crucial elements of SEO, so that you can establish your company as a trustworthy and reliable entity in your niche.

Crucial elements of SEO

1. Keywords

Most people relate SEO only with keywords, but that is not the case anymore. Many other essential things come under this big canopy. Although, keyword, no doubt, will always remain the heart of SEO. The best blogs of India are at the top because they have well-researched, strategised and carefully chosen keywords which are top rated at that moment. Now, let's understand what a keyword is. Keywords are words or phrases which people generally type to search certain kinds of products or services. So, what brands do is that they associate such related keywords to their website to get more traffic and sell.

2. Content

Content is always the key to any kind of marketing. The content should be eye-catching, to the point, and related. No matter what kind of website you have, you got to build a series of content related to your industry so that when someone looks up, for say easy baking, they can find your website. Also, make sure that your content is shareable. Today we can find not only articles and blogs but also different types of contents, like the web page content, social media posts, infographics, videos, podcast, local listings, white papers and e-books.

3. Off-page SEO

This is a quality optimisation process for your website. The off-page SEO works away from your site rather than anything happening actually on your website. The top Indian blogs make use of this technique, where backlinks are build forwarding people to your site from external sites. This builds your good reputation in the search engines by giving an impression that your website is of high quality.

There are many ways of creating backlinks. The most popular ones used today are guest blogging, highly shareable infographics and collaboration with influencers.

4. Local SEO

This is a very good option when you are just starting off. Local SEO is becoming extremely popular as most people tend to search from smartphones and tablets. Nearly 82% of people use their smartphones to search for local businesses and almost one-third of these searches are based on location.

Suppose, you have a restaurant. The benefit of using local SEO will then be that when people are looking up for the best restaurant in their areas or town, yours will pop up. This can be done using local keywords but there are also other ways like claiming directory listings, creating a business page on Google My Business, Google Maps and Google+ and creating specific pages based on location for your website.

5. Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a new way of marketing. All the paid marketing processes like social media ads, Google AdWords, native ads, google shopping ads, pay per click, display ads, etc. fall under SEM. The top India blogs make use of SEM to reach new and targeted audience.

The significance of SEO for modern businesses

The most important purpose which SEO serves is improving your rank on search engine results and boosting the visibility of your content so that people with interest in your products and services can get to know about you.

Second comes authority. Although this is a very new field in SEO, it is becoming relatively important as people like to research before investing. Therefore, your website needs to be trustworthy, of high quality, relevant and something very unique to offer.

In the necessity to offer great content for on-page SEO, your users get a better experience on your website. You can make it more responsive or increase the loading speed to make people stay on your website longer. Remember, people only want to spend 2 seconds on loading a page. You can see how the best blogs in India are so much faster and user-friendly.

SEO is a very complex marketing technique but it is also very helpful for the growth of your business. There are many SEO experts who are there to help you make the task easy or take charge. You may seek help from them or be well-researched before investing in anything.